What to Expect at Your Distant Healing Reiki Session

What to Expect At Your Distant Healing Reiki Session

Distant Reiki sessions are wonderful, and can be done anywhere you are in the world. Please see my section on Distant Reiki, to find out more about what Distant Reiki is. http://www.essentialseedsofchange.com/what-is-distant-reiki/

Please try to have somewhere quiet to lie down during the duration of your session. Although this is not required, the maximum benefits are reached if you can be lying down somewhere quiet, free of distractions such as cell phones, children, and pets. If you are unable to do this, that is okay. The healing energy will still benefit you, no matter what you are doing.  Please feel free to book a session for a time that is even when you are asleep at night, at work, etc.

I will text you before and after your session, to let you know when I am beginning and ending, so it is important to provide a mobile phone number for this purpose.

After your session, I will text you to let you know when I am finished, and as a bonus, will send out an email to the email address you provided when you made the appointment, soon after  with anything I picked up on. This can turn into a mini-reading coaching session, and is done only if there were things that came across during your session. Please know that during some sessions, a ton of information is picked up on, and others, not very much will be picked up on, so please don’t schedule a distant Reiki appointment for reading purposes only, as a reading is not the focus of the session. The healing energy is the focus, and the reading is only a bonus if any information is picked up on. This is why sometimes if you schedule multiple sessions with me, they will all be different in this way. I can only relay what information presents itself, and it doesn’t always happen this way.

During your session, just let go and be open to receive. If you can focus on releasing what no longer serves you (tension, stress, pain, etc) it will make it easier for me on my end, and much more noticeable for you on your end after the session. You can tell yourself before or at the start of the session, something like, “I am open to receive, and ask that anything that is no longer serving me and my highest good, please be released during this session.” Other than that, please just relax and enjoy your session.

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